Investment Opportunities Along the Water Chain

With a growing need for clean water, and with polluted water becoming a serious economic issue, Thomas Schumann Capital believes governments and corporations are likely to invest billions or even trillions of dollars to solve these problems in the coming decades, which is why investors may want to consider water technology and water infrastructure investment opportunities. 

With an expanding world population, the massive urbanization of developing nations and overstressed infrastructure, the global need for fresh water is set to grow exponentially over the coming decades. We believe that innovative companies specializing in water technologies — providing water supply, quality, efficiency — could represent some of the world’s biggest capital-growth opportunities in the coming years. 

*Water is currently a $500 billion market that could grow as much as $1 trillion by 2020  

*Investments are needed along the entire water-value chain; global water infrastructure projects alone are expected to see annual growth of 5%-8% 

*America's $1 trillion water infrastructure financing gap puts $400 billion in U.S. GDP, 700,000 jobs and over half a trillion dollars in personal income at risk by 2020.

*California needs $44 billion to fix aging water systems in the next two decades, followed by Texas' $34 billion and New York's $22 billion investment needs