Social, Environmental, Financial Impact

With a growing need for clean water, and with polluted water becoming a serious, global economic issue, Thomas Schumann Capital believes governments and corporations will invest billions or even trillions of dollars to solve these problems in the coming decades. That is why investors want to include a water security fund that pursues social, environmental, financial impact and performance to their portfolios.

It is not only the fourth time water ranks in the World Economic Forum's Global Risk Report amongst the greatest risks to economies, environments and people, but the first time that water has moved into the top position for impact

Water is currently a $600 billion market that could grow to as much as $1 trillion by 2020. Investments are needed along the entire water-value chain. Companies that focus on addressing the increasing demand for and limited supply of clean, usable water represent some of the world’s key growth opportunities today - and in the coming decades.